Surgeon Operates on Wrong Eye of four-year-old

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Surgeon Operates on Wrong Eye of four-year-old


Dr. Shawn Goodman was scheduled to perform surgery to correct young Jesse Matlock‘swandering right eye. The only problem is, when Dr. Goodman was in the operating room she began operating on the left eye before fixing her right eye. Unfortunately, Jesse was the victim of a wrong site surgery and the long term effects are unknown at this time.

The surgery was relatively routine and involved weakening the muscle around the eye to help correct the wandering condition, it should have only taken a few hours. However, just when Jesse’s parents thought their son was going to be done with surgery they were informed by a nurse Dr. Goodman was now operating on both eyes.

It’s not entirely clear exactly how this happened. According to Jesse’s family, Dr. Goodman said she lost her sense of direction when she was in the operating room because a nurse had covered a mark on the eye needing surgery. Dr. Goodman has yet to explain why she continued performing the surgery if she was not certain what eye to do surgery on.

There is great concern by Jesse’s parents he will now have permanent vision problems in both eyes as a result of the unnecessary surgery. The long term effects on Jesse’s left eye are not certain at this time, but at this time both of his eyes now wander and are sensitive to light.