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Sexual Abuse in Schools – Michigan Sexual Abuse Attorney

The attorneys at Church Wyble have experience successfully representing sexual abuse victims in court.  We aggressively fight for our clients to work towards reaching successful outcomes in their cases.  In particular,  we have expertise fighting for victims of sexual abuse in schools.  Children are often victimized by adults they trust.

High profile cases have made people more aware of the problem in recent years, but many families do not know where to turn when sexual abuse in school has taken place.  From protecting victims who suffered sexual abuse as children to fighting for adults who were victims of abuse, our lawyers are equipped with the knowledge to handle a wide array of cases.

Too many families whose children have been victims of sexual abuse do not realize they can initiate a lawsuit against the perpetrator of the crime.  You do not have to rely on law enforcement and the prosecutors alone to get justice for your family.  Your family has the right to file a civil case in order to receive compensation to cover the costs related to physical and psychological injuries resulting from the abuse.

Besides delivering excellent legal representation, at Church Wyble, we also provide support for clients outside of the courtroom.  We are committed to fighting for survivors of abuse.  Our goal is to be an advocate for the voiceless victims whose trust was violated as a result of sexual abuse.

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Facts About Sexual Abuse Victims

All too often individuals fall victim to sexual abuse at the hands of someone they trust.  The abuser could be a close friend, a teacher at school, a family member or someone else who was a part of the victim’s everyday life.  These are individuals who the victim trusted and who should have never violated that trust.  Children and adults who are victims of sexual abuse all deserve to have their voices heard.

Even though the state has worked to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse in Michigan it has not been enough to protect everyone.  One in four children in the United States are at risk of being sexually abused according to the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.  Too many children are abused and their families often do not know where to turn to get help.  Church Wyble can provide the support these families need when navigating the legal system.  We understand how difficult it can be to face such a difficult topic.

Many victims suffer emotional and physical scars long after the abuse ends.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have estimated in the United States the additional costs of care for a victim of child sexual abuse are over $210,000 over the course of his or her lifetime.  If your child is a victim, he or she deserves to be awarded the funds needed in order for you to provide the necessary care for him or her.

When abuse takes place somewhere you expect to be safe it can be difficult to trust someone with your case.  Our team is ready to help you throughout the entire legal process.While serving as your legal counsel, our attorneys will take the time to hear your entire story.  We want to ensure your story is told.  Contact us for a no obligation quote today at 517-372-1011.  


Representing You in a Sexual Abuse in School Case

No one should have to endure sexual abuse.  It is particularly unsettling when the abuse takes places at a school.  These educational institutions are meant to be sanctuaries for individuals to learn.  When a perpetrator violates a victim under these circumstances it can be even more difficult to understand.  Our team at Church Wyble is ready to assist you in your school sexual abuse case. 

In addition to filing a case against the perpetrator, schools and other institutions can sometimes be held liable for action taking place on their campus.  While serving as your legal counsel we will help you determine what are the right choices for your family to pursue. If you are a victim/survivor of sexual abuse or a family member has been victimized on a school campus contact us for assistance today.

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