Michigan State University and Dr. Larry Nassar | The Real Cost of Sexual Assault

/, Dr. Larry Nassar, Michigan State University, Sexual Assault/Michigan State University and Dr. Larry Nassar | The Real Cost of Sexual Assault

Michigan State University and Dr. Larry Nassar | The Real Cost of Sexual Assault

Michigan State University and Dr. Larry Nassar | The Real Cost of Sexual Assault

Empower our Women

Michigan State UniversityWhat happens to a girl or young woman when she is sexually assaulted?  What happens when she is then told that she is wrong in feeling violated?  That she doesn’t know what a violation is- that she doesn’t understand what happened?

It teaches her to doubt herself.  It destroys her confidence.  It smothers her ability to trust.  It makes her feel dirty and used- like she is damaged and no one would want her.  It makes her feel stupid, small, worthless.  She is then thrust into a future of depression, despair, and self-disgust.  What happens when she turns to those who are in a position of authority and they reject and discount her? When they decide to protect a predator and to instead serve him up as an idol so that he can continue to prey upon innocent young girls and women?…

There are some professions who people look up to, the ones who people turn to with their hearts open, looking for guidance with complete trust: Clergy, DOCTORS, Attorneys, COACHES, Teachers- these people are most trusted and we grant them the power to shape our lives and the lives of our children, our sisters, our loved ones.  When these people betray their duty and prey on the innocent, it is especially heinous.

When money takes priority over their students, it is devastating. That is what Dr. Nassar did when he sexually gratified himself while sexually assaulting girls and young women.  That is what Coach Kathie Klages did when she humiliated and intimidated her young athletes at MSU who came to her for help. And that is what MSU did when time after time this was brought to their attention and they turned a blind eye.

sexual assault victim cryingMSU may have “changed its policy” in 2014 but that was too late.  Even after the policy change MSU allowed a pedophile to work with students, girls, young women, and continue to allow Dr. Nassar to sexually assault these people.  It took the media, the authorities, and Trial Lawyers to finally get MSU to fire Dr. Nassar.

Why would MSU let this happen for so long? One would think that the first time any student comes to any faculty member of MSU with allegations of a sexual assault, the university would understand the seriousness of the matter.

That if true, it is a LIFE CHANGING EVENT for the victim/survivor.  Instead of worrying about the career of the employee and of the financial consequences, MSU should have done the right thing and put the patient’s well-being first.  By showing no concern and compassion, MSU has made it worse for these young women and continues to do so.

I shudder to think where else has this happened at MSU and any other institution across the country.  How many futures have been damaged due to a lack of respect and a break of this trust? This is a question that will go unanswered. I can only hope that as a result of this, women who come forward in matters of sexual assault will be taken seriously and treated with compassion and respect. By coming forward woman, through many voices, you can make MSU do the right thing and listen. Something they failed to do when a single individual voice was silenced. This is your empowerment.


Mick S. Grewal, Sr.

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If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse or molestation by Dr. Larry Nassar when employed by Michigan State University please contact us immediately.


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