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FDA Issues New Warnings Over Acetaminophen

//FDA Issues New Warnings Over Acetaminophen

FDA Issues New Warnings Over Acetaminophen

By David Mittleman

Five Warnings About Acetaminophen

Not many of us would think that popping an over-the-counter painkiller is that big of a deal if we have a headache or muscle pains. However, the Food and Drug Administration recently issued five pertinent warnings to doctors about prescribing high doses of acetaminophen with combination drugs (e.g. Percocet or Vicodin). Specifically, they say that acetaminophen in doses higher than 325 mg can cause liver damage if taken incorrectly. Read on for some surprising warnings about acetaminophen:

  1. Acetaminophen is not great for muscle pain: surprisingly, acetaminophen is not great for relieving muscle …read more
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