pharmacy accidentsConsumers of over-the-counter weight loss supplements and sex enhancement drugs might have gotten more than what they bargained for recently—but they probably won’t be rushing back to return the products to stores any time soon.  The Food and Drug Administration is recalling Joyful Slim Herb Supplement and Good Health’s Vialipro because of concerns that the drugs contain ingredients not listed on the labels—ingredients that made the products more effective than what most consumers had hoped to achieve.

A lab analysis revealed that Joyful Slim Herb Supplement contained desmethyl sibutramine, what consumers might also know by the prescription drug name of Meridia.  Similarly, the agency also discovered that Good Health’s Viliapro contained sulfoaildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

The FDA is recalling the products since the ingredients weren’t listed on the labels and can also cause potentially serious side effects—sibutramine can increase blood pressure and may raise the risk of stroke while sulfoaildenafil can interact with prescription drugs like nitroglycerin.