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David Mittleman, an expert attorney at Church Wyble, answers difficult legal questions regarding car accidents, personal injuries & medical malpractice.

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“I had the opportunity to meet David several years ago when a friend recommended him. I had been involved in an automobile accident that led to a serious back injury. David was professional, kind and straightforward from the get go. His considerable knowledge of medicine and pharmacology was impressive and definitely improved his ability to understand my case. David was extremely thorough and had an uncanny ability to discuss very personal aspects of my physical situation with grace and understanding. My husband is a physician and was very impressed with David’s medical knowledge.

At the end of this case, David was able to procure a great settlement for us and has since become a friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David Mittleman and his firm. David has a high sense of integrity and takes on each client as a personal mission. any client would be in superb hands with David’s representation.”

July 2016

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