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Have you Suffered from Dental Malpractice?

Dental MalpracticeDental malpractice may occur when a dental provider fails to properly diagnose or treat an oral health condition causing significant injury or death.

The negligent conduct that can lead to a dental malpractice case can include, among other things:

* failing to diagnose a disease
* delaying diagnosis of a disease
* making surgical procedure errors
* failing to properly treat an oral health condition.

Just like medical doctors, dentists and oral surgeons have a duty to uphold that standard of care in his/her specialty. Some types of injuries caused by dental negligence include permanent or temporary nerve and/or structural injuries to the tongue, jaw, chin and lips including lingual nerve injury (tongue), inferior alveolar nerve damage (lips, chin and jaw), numbness, loss of taste sensation and even death. These injuries can be caused by: improper removal of impacted wisdom teeth and other negligence in the administration of dental procedures.

The information found in this website is for limited general information only. Specific cases should be evaluated through direct consultation with an attorney. Due to complexities of the law, do not attempt to evaluate your case on your own.

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