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Chobani Greek Yogurt Recalled Over “Fizzing” and “Hissing”

//Chobani Greek Yogurt Recalled Over “Fizzing” and “Hissing”

Chobani Greek Yogurt Recalled Over “Fizzing” and “Hissing”

By David Mittleman

Fizzing Yogurt Recalled

Chobani, the popular brand of Greek yogurt, is recalling a batch after consumers complained of fizzing upon opening the product. The company began pulling the product from supermarkets across the country and says that it believes that the fizzing is caused by a lack of a preservative. The lack of preservative led to the growth of a common mold that can be found in dairy products.

Consumers Say Yogurt “Hissed” at Them

Several consumers have taken to social media sites to report that their Chobani “hissed” at them, that some lids were “swelling” or …read more

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