Chelation Quackery: FDA Warns Eight Companies Against Promoting Product As Autism Cure

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Chelation Quackery: FDA Warns Eight Companies Against Promoting Product As Autism Cure

pharmacy accidentsSome parents, desperate to help their Autistic children, have turned to Chelation therapy. However, the Food and Drug Administration is quickly putting an end to that practice over worries for the health and safety of already vulnerable individuals.

Chelation products come in various forms, such as nasal sprays, suppositories, capsules, liquid tablest, and clay baths and claim to remove heavy metals from the body to ultimately cure ailments such as Autism and Alzheimer’s disease. The agency is particularly concerned since the products contain ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), which is approved by the FDA to remove heavy metal intoxication in emergency situations. Although no adverse reactions have been reported from using Chelation products, they can cause dehydration, kidney failure, liver damage and death. In addition, the FDA is aware of one death related to Chelation use in which an Autistic child was given the “therapy” intravenously.

On Thursday, the FDA issued eight warning letters to companies marketing Chelation products, saying that claims about using such products to treat medical conditions violate federal law. The agency says it issued the warnings in response to increased product promotion and availability to consumers. If the companies don’t correct the violations detailed in the letters, their products could be seized. Companies that received warning letters and the related products include:

  • World Health Products LLC: Detoxamin Oral, Detoxamin Suppositories, and the Metal Detector test kit
  • Hormonal Health LLC: Kelatox Suppositories
  • Evenbetternow LLC: Kids Chelat Heavy Metal Chelator, Bio-Chelat Heavy Metal Chelator, Behavior Balance DMG Liquid, AlkaLife Alkaline Drops, NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract, Natur-Leaf, Kids Clear Detoxifying Clay Baths, EBN Detoxifying Bentonite Clay, and the Heavy Metal Screen Test
  • Maxam Nutraceutics/Maxam Laboratories: PCA-Rx, PC3x, AFX, AD- Rx, AN-Rx, Anavone, AV-Rx, BioGuard, BSAID, CF-Rx, CreOcell, Dermatotropin, Endotropin, GTF-Rx, IM-Rx, Keto-Plex, Natural Passion, NG-Rx, NX-Rx, OR-Rx, Oxy-Charge, PN-Rx, Ultra-AV, Ultra Pure Yohimbe, and the Heavy Metal Screening Test
  • Cardio Renew, Inc: CardioRenew and CardioRestore
  • Artery Health Institute, LLC: Advanced Formula EDTA Oral Chelation
  • Longevity Plus: Beyond Chelation Improved, EndoKinase, Viral Defense, Wobenzym-N
  • Dr. Rhonda Henry: Cardio Chelate (H-870)