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What is Cerebral Palsy?

Every year thousands of families face the daily struggles of having a child who lives with cerebral palsy (CP).  Children impacted by this disorder struggle with everyday activities that most people take for granted in life.

People ask what is cerebral palsy & what causes cerebral palsy?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cerebral palsy definition is a group of disorders that impact someone’s ability to move while trying to maintain posture and balance.

Cerebral palsy causes include head injuries from an auto accident, a fall, genetic mutations during brain development or as a result of a brain infection. In addition, the development of cerebral palsy can be attributed to a lack of oxygen to the brain during the delivery of a baby causing brain damage.

If your child developed cerebral palsy as the result of an injury from an auto accident or a difficult birth contact Church Wyble today for a free consultation.

What are Cerebral Palsy Symptoms?

The day to day challenges faced by individuals who have CP can vary.   The cerebral palsy symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  • Problems with muscle reflexes
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty with normal child development milestones (crawling, walking and sitting up alone)
  • Vision, hearing and incontinence problems might also occur in children
  • Delays in other areas of development including problems swallowing and speaking

The severity of the symptoms has an impact on what you can expect the cerebral palsy life expectancy for  your child.  In general, a person living with CP can live from 30 to 70 years old.  Individuals with mild cerebral palsy are more likely to have a longer life expectancy.

If your child is suffering from cerebral palsy you are not alone.  Even though there is not a cure, it is important to get your child treatment as early as possible.

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 1 in every 323 children in the United States has cerebral palsy.  It is the most prevalent childhood motor disability disorder.
  • The type of CP that is most common is spastic cerebral palsy where the muscles are extremely stiff causing movements to be disjointed.
  • Children with CP need to receive a diagnosis and treatment early in life.  It is vital to connect them with services needed to improve their ability to overcome some of their disability.

Did Someone you know contract cerebral palsy as the result of an injury?

Did your child contract cerebral palsy as the result of an injury at birth or in a motor vehicle accident?  It is important to connect your child with the treatment resources he or she to improve his or her quality of life.  Call 888-227-4770 to speak to one of our lawyers today. You can also reach us using our online form.

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