University of Michigan Former Pediatric Physician Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct, Child Pornography


By Nolan Erickson A physician who was affiliated with University of Michigan Medical Center and Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital, Mark Hoeltzel, lost his medical license and is facing a criminal investigation amidst allegations of inappropriate sexual misconduct with minors, possession of child pornography, and in inappropriate sexual relationship with an 18 year-old patient. Mark [...]

Ohio State Sexual Assault Scandal: Research Studies, Unnecessary Exams, and Previous Investigations


By Nolan Erickson The Sexual Assault Attorneys at Grewal Law Discuss the Ohio State Sexual Assault Scandal & Alleged University Cover-Up A former Ohio State University wrestler named Mike DiSabato, who competed for OSU from 1987 – 1991, told investigators and reporters that he was groped dozens of times by Dr. Strauss. Strauss's abuse began [...]

Sexual Abuse Scandal at Ohio State: Who Knew What, When?


By Mick S. Grewal Sr The Sexual Assault Attorneys at Grewal Law Discuss the Abuse of Athletes at Ohio State University Another university physician is accused of sexually abusing athletes – and university employees allegedly had knowledge of the abuse and did nothing to protect the students. Doctor Richard Strauss, who was the Ohio State [...]

Melvin M. Belli Seminar #71


By David Mittleman Melvin Mouron Belli was known affectionately by trial lawyers on the side of People as “The King of Torts.” He had many celebrity clients and infamous ones like Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was born July 29, 1907, in Sonora, California [...]

USC Gynecologist Alleged to Have Exploited Foreign Students


By John W. Fraser Traveling to a foreign country for school is the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. It should be a time filled with educational and cultural enrichment. Unfortunately, for some women who were blessed with the opportunity to obtain an outstanding education at the University of Southern California (USC), the adventure of [...]

USC Gynecologist George Tyndall is Being Investigated & Sued For Assaulting And Sexually Abusing Hundreds Of Women


By Mick S. Grewal Sr Sexual assault attorney Mick Grewal discusses the allegations against University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall Last month, the Los Angeles police department launched an investigation into allegations of sexual assault committed by gynecologist George Tyndall, M.D., who was the only on-campus gynecologist for students at University of Southern California [...]

Michigan Food and Water Contamination May Be Causing Serious Injuries, Illnesses


By Nolan Erickson Michigan Food and Water Contamination May Be Causing Serious Injuries, Illnesses For a state that prides itself on its beautiful waterways and natural resources, Michigan is the site of several major water and food contamination disasters. At least five instances of serious chemical pollution are still causing public health problems to this [...]