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Latest News: The MSU/Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Investigation and how we are helping the victims/survivors

Michigan State University and the ongoing Larry Nassar Investigation

We currently represent more than 100 victims/survivors of this incident.

We will stand with you and will fight for you so that your story is heard and your rights are protected.

  • MSU hired Nassar in 1996.
  • MSU allegedly knew in approximately 1997 of Nassar’s conduct and failed to protect the women who were his patients, many of who were MSU students.
  • MSU allegedly knew of Nassar’s conduct according to his personnel file in 2004.
  • MSU allegedly had two decades to listen to young girls’ and women’s complaints and did not listen.
  • MSU knew of Nassar actions in 2014 as they put restrictions on him pertaining to his “treatment” for 2014-2016.
  • MSU told Nassar that he was required to have another person in the room with him while performing any procedure close to a sensitive area.
  • MSU told Nassar that there will be no “skin to skin” contact in any sensitive area but if necessary it would be explained in detail while another person was in the room AND another person would be in the room for the procedure.
  • MSU would tell new people in the practice of these restrictions/requirements.

If you are a survivor/victim in this case or in any other case of sexual assault on a college or university campus call us for help today.

Click Here to learn more about this case.

We will provide you with a no-obligation consultation when you contact us at 517-372-1011.

MSU and Dr. Strampel

As lawyers currently representing more than 100 survivors in the Larry Nassar litigation, we are increasing our efforts in our request for assistance in obtaining evidence and information related to Dr. William Strampel, the former dean of MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, conduct and MSU’s response or lack thereof.

We believe many people know the facts and circumstances surrounding Dr. William Strampel and what occurred at MSU. If you would like to informally talk, please reach out. Help these girls and women find justice.

Contact us for a free confidential consultation.

News Updates | The MSU/Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Investigation

News Articles and Press Conferences

Latest News Articles – May 2018

Latest News Articles – April 2018

Latest News Articles – March 2018

Law enforcement must investigate U.S. Olympic organizations for handling of Nassar case (Washington Post) 3/28/18

MSU coach backed Nassar nearly until the end (Detroit News) 3/29/18

Gymnast to coach: You should be in jail with Nassar (CNN Video)

Michigan State, Plaintiffs Return to Mediation in Suit Over Nassar Allegations (WSJ) 3/28/18

MSU resumes mediation in Nassar victim lawsuits (Detroit News) 3/28/18

MSU spent $500K in January to monitor social media accounts of Nassar victims, others (LSJ) 3/28/18

Court records: Former MSU dean William Strampel sexually harassed students, had pornography on university computer (LSJ) 3/27/18

Former MSU med school dean William Strampel facing sex assault, harassment charges (The Atlantic) 3/27/18

A Former Michigan State University Dean Allegedly Had A Video Of Larry Nassar “Treating” A Young Female Patient (Buzzfeed) 3/26/18

Sources: Police arrest Larry Nassar’s Michigan State University boss (Detroit Free Press) 3/26/18

Former Penn State public relations advisor on how MSU can rehab post-Nassar scandal (Mi. Radio) 3/25/18

Costs From Nassar Case Likely to Exceed $500 Million for Michigan State (WSJ) 3/25/18

Michigan State still doesn’t care about victims of sexual assault (Think Progress) 3/23/18

Michigan State University Is Botching Its Reputation-Rehab (the Atlantic) 3/19/18

Nassar survivor Kat Ebert works to bring change to MSU (Spartan News Room) 3/18/18

Larry Nassar’s Boss at Michigan State Said in 2016 That He Didn’t Believe Sex Abuse Claims (Wall Street Journal) 3/19/18

Father who tried to attack Larry Nassar gives GoFundMe money to four charities (LSJ) 3/16/18

“Children should not have a price tag on them,” survivor says to opponents of sexual assault bills (Mi. Radio) 3/16/18

Victim impact statements take on new role after Nassar case (Mi. Daily) 3/15/18

Strang: To Nassar survivors, Engler’s actions don’t match his words (The Athletic) 3/16/18

MSU Interim President John Engler privately worked to stall Senate sexual assault bills (mLive) 3/15/18

Engler: Lawmakers ‘interfered’ in Nassar lawsuit talks (Detroit News) 3/15/18

Nassar plaintiffs seek to question ex-MSU president, athletic director, 14 others (mLive) 3/15/18

Senate OK’s Nassar bills after changing lawsuit rules (Detroit News) 3/14/18

Calley: Michigan State University should stop fighting lawsuits from Nassar’s victims (Detroit Free Press) 3/14/18

Michigan universities seek delay on Nassar-inspired bills (Washington Post) 3/12/18

Woman asks feds to reopen 2014 Title IX investigation of Larry Nassar (LSJ) 3/9/18

MSU started a $10 million therapy fund for Nassar victims. Here’s how that’s going. (Mi. Radio) 3/8/18

Larry Nassar: The making of a monster who abused gymnasts for decades (Indy Star) 3/8/18

MSU trustees hire $990-an-hour law firm as probes mount (Detroit News) 3/7/18

Latest News Articles – February 2018

Senator: Enablers should be ‘in jail cell’ like Nassar (Detroit News) 2/27/18

New bills aim to protect Michigan children from predators like Nassar (mLive) 2/26/18

Gymnasts to join lawmakers Monday to unveil bills aimed at stopping sexual abuse (Detroit Free Press) 2/26/18

The Nassar Backlash: How to protect our children (ABC7) 2/22/18

3 Nassar survivors: Trustee should resign (Detroit News) 2/21/18

Larry Nassar’s years of abuse created an “Army of Survivors”, a sisterhood of inspiring, defiant women united by a shared horror – and their courage to shine a light on it! (SI) 2/20/18

Why aren’t Nassar’s enablers going to prison, too? (The Undefeated) 2/21/18

Larry Nassar abused me. Inaction is no longer excusable. (Washington Post) 2/16/18

Weiland: Former President Simon does not deserve Hannah professorship (LSJ) 2/15/18

MSU trustee vows support for sex abuse victims, but opposed them in court (WXYZ) 2/15/18

What the parents of Larry Nassar’s victims want you to understand (Mi. Radio) 2/14/18

Nassar victim can’t believe Michigan State employees ‘do not remember’ complaints (mLive) 2/14/18

MSU hires firm to speed up sex assault investigations (Detroit News) 2/13/18

“NO CONFIDENCE” – Faculty says MSU Trustees need to go (WLNS) 2/13/18

Impact of Larry Nassar controversy: 15 individuals or boards forced out or under fire. 2/13/18

Lawmaker proposes plan to appoint university trustees. 2/13/18

Skubick: Lawmaker looks to bypass MSU Police on campus sexual assault cases. 2/12/18

Father who lunged at Nassar to donate GoFundMe earnings. 2/12/18

Former dean credits himself for response to Nassar scandal. 2/12/18

Michigan State moves to fire Larry Nassar’s boss, William Strampel (NBC News)

Larry Nassar victim says Michigan State violated her privacy by investigating anonymous claims. 2/9/18

Raisman: Olympic coach may have known of Nassar’s abuse in 2011 (CNN Video)

In Michigan, few prosecuted for failing to report child abuse. 2/8/18


Dad who lunged at Larry Nassar to donate funds to groups that help sexual assault survivors. 2/8/18

204 impact statements, 9 days, 2 counties, a life sentence for Larry Nassar (Detroit News) 2/8/18

The Scope of Larry Nassar’s Abuse Extends Far Beyond Just Gymnastics (Sports Illustrated) 2/7/18

Henning: No ‘death penalty’ for MSU, expert predicts. 2/6/18

Parents of Larry Nassar sexual abuse survivors demand accountability. 2/7/18

Plaintiffs Lawyer Calls for Bar Probe of Michigan State In-House Counsel. 2/6/18

Michigan State a ‘textbook’ case of how not to do crisis management. 2/6/18

Former US Olympic Gymnastic coach faces criminal investigation 2/6/18

Twistars owner required gymnasts to see Nassar for treatment, victims say

TIMELINE: The Larry Nassar scandal at MSU. 2/6/18

In wake of Larry Nassar sentencing, John Geddert faces criminal investigation. 2/6/18

Larry Nassar apologizes, gets 40 to 125 years for decades of sexual abuse. 2/5/18

Larry Nassar gets another 40 to 125 years in sex abuse case. 2/5/18

MSU faculty urges senate vote of no confidence in board. 2/4/18

As F.B.I. Took a Year to Pursue the Nassar Case, Dozens Say They Were Molested. 2/3/18

Father of Anonymous Victim Gives Powerful Statement in Larry Nassar Sentencing 02/02/18

Olympic Committee was told in 2015 of suspected abuse of gymnasts by Larry Nassar. 2/1/18

Dad who rushed Nassar: ‘I am no hero. My daughters are the heroes.’ 2/2/18

VIDEO: Father of sexual abuse victims discusses outburst after charging at Larry Nassar in court, 2/2/18

Pelvic Massage Can Be Legitimate, but Not in Larry Nassar’s Hands, 2/1/18

News Articles – January 2018

Attorney: MSU’s handling of Title IX investigation in Nassar case ‘appalling’. 1/31/18

John Engler picked as MSU’s interim president, but faces opposition from the start. 1/31/18

Michigan police department apologizes for doubting 2004 Larry Nassar accuser. 1/31/18

Gymnastics Doctor to Return to Court for Another Sentence. 1/30/18

Former AD Baker: Penalties for MSU ‘cultural problem’ could be very high. 1/30/18

Former Gov. John Engler to be Michigan State’s interim president. 1/30/18

Spartan booster Peter Secchia sponsored retirement dinner for AG’s MSU investigator, 1/30/18

Editorial: Michigan State University, Home of the Larry Nassar Scandal (State News) 1/25/18

A List Of People Accused Of Enabling Larry Nassar. 1/29/18

Police investigated MSU coach, staff for possible obstruction of justice. 1/29/18

‘Magic’ Johnson on abuse at MSU: Anyone who knew and didn’t do anything ‘should be fired’, 1/29/18

Culture of silence on sexual assaults extends past Michigan State University’s athletics. 1/28/18

Our Editorial: MSU’s world is collapsing (Detroit News) 1/28/18

OTL: Michigan State secrets extend far beyond Larry Nassar case. 1/29/18

Mitch Albom: Fair or not, everyone at Michigan State being scrutinized. 1/28/18

Twenty years of failure: Many groups missed chances to stop Larry Nassar. 1/26/18

Schuette: Special prosecutor, Michigan State Police will lead investigation into Michigan State. 1/27/18

It’s becoming clear: Michigan State prized image protection far more than the truth. 1/26/18

Gov. Rick Snyder mulling action against MSU’s Board of Trustees (Detroit Free Press) 1/26/18

Sister survivors: Nassar accusers share their harrowing stories of abuse (ABC News) 1/26/18

MSU hid full conclusions of 2014 Nassar report from victim, 1/26/18

OTL: Michigan State secrets extend far beyond Larry Nassar case (ESPN) 1/26/2018

With Larry Nassar sentenced, former family friend says: ‘My monster is gone’ (ABC News) 1/25/2018

2014 police report sheds light on how Nassar avoided criminal charges, 1/26/2018

Michigan State AD Mark Hollis resigns: ‘It’s the right time to let people heal’, 1/26/2018

MSU donor: Comments about Nassar were ignored because he was a ‘rock star’, 1/25/18

Nassar survivor: Simon’s resignation is “long overdue”, 1/25/18

Nassar victims call for sponsors, donors to pull support of MSU, USAG, 1/24/18

Three Telling Words On MSU’s Defense Of Simon, 1/23/18 (Gongwer)

Michigan State sought to end federal oversight, delayed sending Nassar files. 1/25/18

Wojo: Simon is out, and MSU’s woes just starting. 1/24/18 (Detroit News)

Michigan State President Lou Anna Simon resigns hours after Nassar sentencing 1/24/18 (LSJ)

There are more who must pay a price for Larry Nassar scandal, 1/24/18 (USA Today)

Larry Nassar Sentencing: ‘I Just Signed Your Death Warrant’. 1/24/18 (NY Times)

Larry Nassar sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for decades of sexual abuse. 1/24/18

Ohio gymnast talks about years of abuse by Larry Nassar, 1/23/18

Larry Nassar’s victims react to sentencing. 1/24/18

Judge sentences Nassar to 40-175 years in prison: ‘I just signed your death warrant’, 1/24/18

N.C.A.A. Opens Investigation of Michigan State Over Nassar Case. 1/24/18

Henning: MSU’s ‘will’ lacking in Larry Nassar case (Detroit News) 1/24/18

Larry Nassar investigation headed to Attorney General | Outside The Lines | ESPN

Should the NCAA take action against MSU? Jay Bilas joins OTL to discuss whether the NCAA should discipline Michigan State in its handling of the Larry Nassar scandal. 1/23/18

What others knew: Culture of denial protected Nassar for years, 1/23/18

USA Gymnastics board members resign amid Larry Nassar abuse scandal, 1/22/18

USA Gymnastics suspends former Olympics coach with ties to Larry Nassar

USA Gymnastics top leadership resigns amid sexual abuse scandal, 1/22/18

Young women were abused by a doctor for decades and Michigan State and others failed them, 1/20/18

Larry Nassar survivors join 7 Sports Cave to speak about facing their abuser, 1/21/18

Let It Rip Weekend: Survivors speak out about abuse by former MSU doctor Larry Nassar, 1/21/18

Michigan State needs to wear this shame The university’s response from the time concerns were first raised about Larry Nassar until now has been consistently unacceptable, 1/21/18

MSU trustee Mitch Lyons calls for resignation of President Lou Anna K. Simon, 1/20/18

Michigan State finally calling for Larry Nassar investigation is a lame public-relations ploy, 1/19/18

Hear Larry Nassar’s victims in their own (powerful and brave) words, 1/22/18

Aly Raisman delivers powerful speech at Nassar Trial (CBS)

Nassar victim describes telling MSU coach in 1997 about abuse, 1/20/18

Calls Grow for Michigan State University President to Resign Over Nassar Case, 1/19/18

Survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse set their sights on MSU, Simon, 1/19/18

Our Editorial: Time’s up for MSU’s Lou Anna Simon, 1/19/18 (Detroit News)

Once a victim of Nassar abuse, now the leader of the #MeTooMSU movement: Meet Jessica Smith, 1/19/18

‘I told Michigan State University,’ Woman says at Larry Nassar sentencing, 1/20/18


Graphic testimony by victims of Larry Nassar during 4-day sentencing, 1/17/18

Graphic testimony continues as Larry Nassar listens to more victims speak, 1/17/18

Owner of popular Twistars Gymnastics Club faces abuse allegations, 1/16/18

‘How dare you’: Women address Larry Nassar at his sentencing hearing, 1/16/18

Larry Nassar’s victims speak out about ‘twisted’ sexual abuse during sentencing hearing: ‘I get flashbacks when I see male hands’, 1/16/18

Sentencing hearing begins for convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar, 1/16/18

Michigan State officials couldn’t be bothered to drive three miles to watch Larry Nassar sentencing, 1/16/18

Nassar surrounded by adults who enabled his predatory behavior, 1/16/18

Woman who reported Nassar in 2014: ‘It destroyed me but I lived’, 1/16/18

Simone Biles says she was molested by gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, 1/16/18

Larry Nassar was Michigan State’s best kept secret, it’s time we start talking, 1/16/18

Larry Nassar saw patients for more than 2 years while under criminal investigation, 1/15/18

Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse victims finally get their days in court, 1/15/18

3 things to know about what MSU just did in the Nassar case – 1/15/2018

140 Women Have Accused Larry Nassar Of Abuse. His Victims Think We Don’t Care., 1/14/2018

The silence that plagued Michigan State Tune in on Tuesday on ESPN as Outside the Lines uncovers the silence about former Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar and the everlasting damage that followed. – 1/15/2018

MSU moves to dismiss Larry Nassar lawsuits, says it has ‘immunity from liability’, 1/12/2018

MSU releases more details on $10M fund for Nassar victims, including who is eligible, 1/11/2018

‘He Violated Our Innocence.’ Maggie Nichols Says She Was Abused by Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar, 1/9/2018

Editorial: AG should move ahead on MSU probe, 1/6/2018

Skubick: Michigan Attorney General to launch probe of MSU, Nassar, 1/5/2018

3 weeks after MSU OKs counseling fund for Nassar victims, few details available, 1/3/2018

The MSU/Nassar Scandal: Who Should Pay?, 1/3/2018

Nassar in the News: Whitmer calls for Simon to resign, proposed legislation, 1/2/2018

Larry Nassar Stories from before January 2018

Lawmaker: No public funds for sex assault settlements, 12/28/2017

Doctor molests athletes;silence from Indianapolis, 12/27/2017

Finley: MSU ‘probe’ was not independent, 12/27/2017

Whitmer calls on MSU president to resign amid Nassar: “We must turn the page on our current tragic episode”, 12/24/2017

Finley: AG must step up for MSU victims, 12/23/2017

MSU’s Nassar probe slow to talk to victims, 12/22/2017

Despite claims, former student says MSU knew about Nassar, 12/21/2017

Father says Nassar assaulted his teenage daughter while under criminal investigation, 12/21/2017

Witness: MSU knew Nassar asked her to leave girl’s exam, 12/21/2017

Case report shows systematic failure at Michigan State led to further Larry Nassar terror, 12/20/2017

8 questioned in MSU-FBI inquiry of university knowledge of Nassar allegations, 12/20/2017

USA Gymnastics: McKayla Maroney’s attorney in 2016 initiated confidentiality request, 12/20/2017

Police investigation finds MSU let Nassar assault a dozen victims after 2014 complaint, 12/20/2017

MSU let Larry Nassar see patients for 16 months during criminal sex assault investigation, 12/19/2017

Michigan State University Announces $10 Million Fund For Victims Of Nassar, 12/19/2017

Michigan lawmaker says MSU showed “unacceptable inability” to provide justice for sexual assault, 12/18/2017

Victims of Larry Nassar blast MSU Board of Trustees over response to sex assaults, 12/15/2017

MSU president apologizes to Nassar victims; university creates $10 million counseling fund, 12/15/2017

MSU’s Simon passes on raise as Nassar controversy brews, 12/15/2017

Larry Nassar’s victims address Michigan State University board, 12/15/2017

MSU weighs pay hike for president amid Nassar fallout, 12/14/2017

MSU Dean William Strampel, Larry Nassar’s former boss, steps down for medical reasons, 12/14/2017

Putnam: Community deserves more insight into what went wrong in Nassar case, 12/14/2017

Michigan State Can’t Bury Its Role In The Largest Sex Abuse Scandal In Sports History, 12/14/2017

Nassar victims ask: “Why do these people still work at MSU?”, 12/13/2017

Why the heat on MSU has gone from “zero to 100”, 12/12/2017

Michigan State University and Larry Nassar Formal Civil Discovery to Begin, 12/11/2017

Larry Nassar sentenced to 60 years. What is MSU doing?, 12/11/2017

House speaker: MSU prez should resign over Nassar, 12/11/2017

Michigan State attorneys: No written report on Larry Nassar investigation, 12/9/2017

Early warning signs with Larry Nassar? John Barr talks with two women who were victimized by Dr. Larry Nassar and tried to warn people about his behavior. 12/8/2017

Whitmer joins call for independent MSU investigation in Nassar case, 12/8/2017

MSU: Nassar internal probe report doesn’t exist, 12/8/2017

This Is Survival by ALY RAISMAN, 12/7/2017

Survivors frustrated with MSU’s silence, handling of Nassar, 12/7/2017

The Nassar scandal could have widespread, unexpected consequences, 12/7/2017

Like Schuette, U.S. attorney won’t say if he’ll investigate MSU over Nassar, 12/7/2017


Larry Nassar, gymnastics doctor for Olympics and Michigan State University, sentenced for child porn, 12/7/17

MSU ‘must have something to hide’ in Larry Nassar report, accusers say, 12/5/2017

AG Schuette wants to know what MSU officials knew about Nassar, seeks details of internal review, 12/4/2017

Denhollander: May this be the spark needed to protect young girls and women on MSU campus, 12/3/2017

Finley: MSU cost in gymnast abuse scandal could top $1B, 12/2/2017

Editorial: Lou Anna Simon must resign as Michigan State president, 12/3/2017

How Michigan State’s Botched Title IX Investigation Enabled USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar, 12/1/2017

Editorial: MSU must release Nassar investigation reports, 12/1/2017

MSU doctor pleads guilty to more charges, 11/29/2017

Nassar pleads guilty to more sexual assault charges, 11/29/2017

Michigan State hasn’t faced consequences for enabling the biggest sex abuse scandal in U.S. sports, 11/27/17

Did Michigan State Look the Other Way?, 11/27/17

Doctor at center of USA Gymnastics scandal left warning signs at Michigan State

Former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar provides pathetic statement in molestation plea, 11/22/17

Nassar victims respond to plea deal, call for change at MSU, Nov. 22nd, 2017

U.S. women gymnasts band together in wake of sexual abuse, Nov. 22nd, 2017

Former U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Doctor Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse, Nov. 22nd, 2017

Ex-USA Gymnastics doctor apologizes, pleads guilty to criminal sexual conduct, Nov. 22nd, 2017

Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar pleads guilty to sexual assault charges, Nov. 22nd, 2017

Larry Nassar plea hearing renews call for inquiry of MSU officials, Nov. 20th, 2017

Sisters accuse doctor of sexual abuse when they were gymnasts, Nov. 20th, 2017

MSU doctor Nassar plans guilty plea in gymnast rapes, Nov. 20th, 2017

#MeTooMSU movement created in light of Nassar lawsuits, Nov. 20th, 2017

Not alone anymore, some of Nassar’s accusers find support together, Nov. 17th, 2017

Here’s what Nassar’s potential guilty plea means, Nov. 16th, 2017

Boyce to MSU: “Show us what Spartans will do”, Nov. 16th, 2017

Larry Nassar plea hearing set in Ingham and Eaton County sex abuse cases, Nov 15th 2017

WLNS Exclusive: More women speak out about Nassar lawsuits, call on MSU to make changes, Nov. 14th, 2017

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman: Team USA doctor Larry Nassar is ‘a monster’, Nov. 13th, 2017

Aly Raisman says she was sexually abused by U.S. national team doctor, Nov. 12th, 2017

Nassar in the News: New allegations, petition for change in USA Gymnastics leadership, Nov. 7th, 2017

Mediation in Larry Nassar lawsuits could be extended into December, Nov. 7th, 2017

Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Says Dr. Larry Nassar Molested Her, 10-17-17

Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney says she was victim of sexual abuse, 10-18-17

Judge refuses to delay sex assault trial for former Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar – Oct. 13th, 2017

MSU’s opportunity: Use Nassar to teach how abuse gets missed, 10-5-17

MSU has “no plans” to release internal review into Larry Nassar

One year after Nassar reports, some questions remain – 9-6-17

UPDATE: Twistars owner says ex-MSU Gymnastics coach filled in for only 2 days, 8-28-17

Memo Shows Young Gymnasts At 2000 Training Camp Told To Ask For Larry Nassar If They Had A Problem, 8-28-17

Former gymnasts use National Championships as platform to call for change in leadership at USAG, 8-20-17

Former Gymnast Alleges That USA Gymnastics Has Secretly Settled With Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Victims, 8-16-17

Six-time Olympic medalist Aly Raisman says USA Gymnastics needs to change, 8-19-17

Off balance: USA Gymnastics needs a cultural change, 8-16-17

The rise and fall of Larry Nassar, 8-10-17

Attorneys agree to mediation in Nassar lawsuits – 8-2-17

Federal judge orders mediation in cases against Larry Nassar – 8-2-17

Michigan State, Larry Nassar lawsuits heading to mediation – 8-2-17

Larry Nassar sexual assault trial set for December, 8-1-17

USA Gymnastics’ Larry Nassar Scandal Is About Doctors Abusing Patients, Not Just Sports – July 27th, 2017

Olympic stories fly under the radar The OTL crew points out that the U.S. gymnastics abuse case and Los Angeles’ hosting bid deserved more headlines this week. July 16th, 2017

Gymnast Lindsey Lemke Was Allegedly Sexually Abused by Her Doctor Starting at 13. Now She’s Speaking Out. July 12th, 2017

Larry Nassar agrees to plead guilty to federal child pornography charges, July 8th, 2017

Nassar ordered to stand trial on sexual assault charges, June 23rd, 2017

‘That’s not who I am,’ ex-MSU Dr. Larry Nassar tells police after sexual assault complaint, June 23rd, 2017

Lawmakers watching Nassar case, but their hands may be tied – June 12, 2017

Larry Nassar and a career filled with ‘silenced’ voices – June 1st, 2017

Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Faces Sex-Abuse Accusers in Court, May 12th, 2017

Doctor’s accuser: ‘I froze, because I knew it was sexual abuse’, May 14th, 2017

Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Faces Sex-Abuse Accusers in Court, May 12th, 2017

Gymnasts Testify About How Larry Nassar Abused Them, May 12th, 2017

Alleged victim of Larry Nassar says she told gymnastics coach about sexual assault, May 12th, 2017

Meet the 7 women and girls testifying against Larry Nassar on Friday, May 11th, 2017

MSU won’t reopen 2014 inquiry that cleared Nassar, May 11th 2017

Default order signed in former MSU doctor Nassar sex-abuse lawsuits – May 2nd, 2017

Alleged Nassar victim to MSU president: “Our voices counted for nothing”, May 2nd, 2017

Sex, lies, and Michigan State – April 19th, 2017

The day a young gymnast tried to tell MSU about sexual abuse – April, 27th, 2017

Doctor at center of USA Gymnastics scandal left warning signs at Michigan State – April 25th, 2017

The Truth About Larry Nassar (YouTube Video – first hand account) April 18th, 2017

Longtime MSU president’s credibility threatened by sex scandals – April 14th, 2017

After Nassar: A community responds to a local face shrouded in national scandal – April 20th, 2017

Nassar accusers challenge Ingham judge’s second gag order – April 20th, 2017

Newest accuser in Nassar case says she was sexually abused in 1992 – April 19th, 2017

Lawsuit: Nassar abused gymnast while he was still in medical school – April 17th, 2017

Four more plaintiffs file against Nassar – April 17th, 2017

Nassar recommended expert who helped clear him in 2014

Judge temporarily blocks ‘gag order’ in Nassar case

Emails raise questions about Nassar

A Huge Sports Sex Abuse Scandal Is Unfolding, And You Probably Haven’t Heard About It

Trustee insists MSU will “look great”in Nassar gymnastics investigation

20 Years After Saying She Was Sexually Abused, A Child Gymnast Is Finally Believed

Alleged Nassar victim reveals her identity: “I’m calling all survivors of sexual assault or abuse to unite”

Former gymnast recounts Nassar story, calls for change

Parent of alleged victim says ex-MSU Dr. Nassar was ‘a professional molester’

Gymnastics scandal: Larry Nassar accusers say MSU partially to blame

Father of alleged Nassar victim reveals his identity: “I’m doing this for my daughter”

Victim, father speak out about Dr. Larry Nassar

Two plaintiffs come forward, release identities in Nassar lawsuit

10/04/17 East Lansing, MI  – News Article

MSU has “no plans” to release internal review into Larry Nassar – MPR by Kate Wells

Michigan State University is paying a ton of money for some of the best lawyers in the country. Their job? Investigate how a former MSU sports doctor, Larry Nassar, could allegedly abuse dozens of young patients for years – and whether anybody at MSU knew about it.

They’re conducting “hundreds of interviews,” reviewing documents and emails, and taking what they find directly to the Board of Trustees.

MSU says administrators are actively using those findings to make the campus safer, roll out new policies, and defend the university in civil lawsuits brought by Nassar’s alleged victims.

But the school says the review was “never designed to end in a report,” and that there is currently no plan to release the findings in a report to the public.

Click Here to read the rest of this article

3/27/17 OKEMOS, MI  – A woman and the father of a teenager who accused Dr. Larry Nassar of sexually assaulting them have gone public, saying Michigan State University staff didn’t do enough to protect them and other alleged victims.

Larissa Boyce and Tony Guerrero’s daughter are among more than 70 plaintiffs suing MSU and Nassar, 53, in state or federal courts. Criminal charges also are pending against the doctor.

Boyce and Guerrero spoke during an interview Friday at the office of their attorneys, Mick Grewal and David Mittleman. It was embargoed until Monday afternoon.

Click Here to watch press conference

2/24/17 OKEMOS, MI (WNEM) – A law firm (Church Wyble) representing a dozen alleged victims held a press conference Friday to discuss what they called an “institutional wrongdoing” in the case of a former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor accused of sexual assault.

David Mittleman and Manvir Grewal Sr., of Grewal Law in Okemos held the news conference to discuss new details about the investigation into Dr. Larry Nassar.

Click Here to watch press conference highlights from WNEM (Channel 5)

2/24/17 OKEMOS, MI (WLNS) – For weeks, attorneys representing alleged victims of the former MSU doctor have expressed concerns about whether MSU Police can thoroughly investigate claims of sexual assault against Nassar.

For the first time Friday morning, they held a news conference, calling on the university to bring in an outside agency to look into whether there was any wrongdoing.

“I’d like to see the FBI get involved,” David Mittleman said.

David Mittleman and Mick Grewal, both attorneys for Church Wyble, a divison of Grewal Law, represent a dozen girls and women who are suing former MSU and USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

Read the Full Article Here WLNS (Channel 6)

2/24/17 – Okemos, MI (WILX) Press Conference with Church Wyble

Church Wyble (David Mittleman and Mick Grewal) gives updates on the Dr. Larry Nassar Investigation.

Click Here to watch the full press conference from WILX (Channel 10)

2/21/17 – Okemos, MI (WLNS) Father of Alleged Nassar Victim: “He’s the worst kind of predator there is, and they let him do it.”

Mick Grewal Sr., an attorney for Church Wyble, a division of Grewal Law, is representing the man and his daughter. He said his firm has spoken to multiple medical officials who say they are no nerves in the pubic area that relate to anything in the low back. “There is no medical explanation to put acupuncture in the pubic area,” Grewal said.

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2/7/17 – OKEMOS, MI (WLNS) – In a complaint filed Tuesday by Church Wyble, a division of Grewal Law, four more women asked to be added to a federal lawsuit against former MSU and USA gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar, for sexually abusing them and against Michigan State University for not doing anything about it.

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Video: MSU Coach Threaten/Intimidation of a minor

Blog Posts Regarding the Larry Nassar Case

1503, 2017

MSU Lawsuit Alleges Violation of Standards, Lack of Follow Up

By Mick S. Grewal Sr In civil litigation, alleged victims outline sexual penetration disguised as treatment. While there are treatments that involve intravaginal manipulation, the American Osteopathic Academy describes those as “rare.” In those rare instances when the procedure is used, Dr. Mark Cantieri of the Indiana Osteopathic Association listed several “widely accepted standards” including: What the procedure involves should be explained to the patient and, in the case of a juvenile, the parent or guardian. And prior permission should be [...]

1303, 2017

MSU to Take a Cue from PSU?

By David Mittleman So far today, 2 former Penn State University administrators pleaded guilty to child endangerment. Ex-Athletic Director Tim Curley and former University Vice President Gary Schultz. They along with former President Graham Spanier were scheduled for a criminal trial next week, with jury selection to begin on March 20. Political maneuvering has kept this matter unresolved for over 4 years. The 3 were involved with handling a 2001 complaint by a graduate assistant who said he saw a retired [...]

603, 2017

MSU – Sports Illustrated Just Nailed It

By David Mittleman “Could Lawrence Nassar have been prevented from assaulting dozens of athletes?” -Lauren Green, Sports Illustrated, March 3, 2017 The answer is “yes,” it's not even debatable. At the request of the Indianapolis Star, a judge released more than 5,600 pages last Friday detailing how USA Gymnastics handled sexual abuse allegations against coaches over a 10-year period of time. The records, including sworn testimony, revealed some coaches weren't banned from the sport until years after they were convicted of [...]

2002, 2017

MSU – The Next “60 Minutes” Segment will be on the 20 Years You Failed to Listen to the Young Girls

By David Mittleman Last night, nationally renowned TV news magazine show “60 Minutes” featured former MSU doctor Larry Nassar's involvement with USA Gymnastics. Nassar made a name for himself “treating” high level athletes, including Olympians. USA Gymnastics claims to have contacted the FBI in 2015 after receiving a complaint from an athlete, albeit 5 weeks after receiving the complaint. Apparently, USA Gymnastics failed to inform Michigan State University. Based on court filings, including complaints we have filed on behalf of the [...]

1702, 2017

MSU – Where is the Integrity?

By David Mittleman As more and more former patients of Larry Nassar step forward with stories that, by now, are all too familiar, Michigan State University finds itself facing maybe the most important question in its 162 year history: Where is the integrity? As the investigation continues by MSU's own police department, the FBI is ramping up its inquiry into the allegations against Nassar. Review by an outside agency is an important step in ensuring a fair evaluation of the [...]

602, 2017

Michigan State University and Dr. Larry Nassar | The Real Cost of Sexual Assault

I shudder to think where else has this happened at MSU and any other institution across the country. How many futures have been damaged due to a lack of respect and a break of this trust? This is a question that will go unanswered. I can only hope that as a result of this, women who come forward in matters of sexual assault will be taken seriously and treated with compassion and respect. By coming forward woman, through many voices, you can make MSU do the right thing and listen. Something they failed to do when a single individual voice was silenced. This is your empowerment.

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