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Have you Suffered from Birth Injuries?

Birth InjuriesThere are several injuries that can occur during birth and may result in physical impairment or brain damage. Each injury may be attributed to a different cause, such as strained or torn nerves, trauma to the head, or lack of oxygen. While signs of a disorder such as Erb’s palsy or cerebral palsy may be evident immediately after delivery, some brain injuries may not be identified for years.

Sometimes, an injury may not be realized until the child is in school and learning disabilities or other characteristics relating to brain damage become apparent. Serious injury can occur if there is a lack of oxygen to the child’s brain during delivery. There is a high risk of birth injury when there is difficult, prolonged labor; improper use of medication by the pregnant mother; or a large fetus or a breech birth.

An unreasonable delay in performing an emergency cesarean section can also increase the risk of injury.The information found in this website is for limited general information only. Specific cases should be evaluated through direct consultation with an attorney. Due to complexities of the law, do not attempt to evaluate your case on your own.

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