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Mutilation – Religious Beliefs or Double Standard?


By David Mittleman The facts are not in dispute, but religious beliefs seem to be. A Michigan doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, has been charged with the crime of female genital mutilation. In some Middle Eastern and African countries, genital mutilation is considered a rite of passage, to make girls “clean” and “pure,” and ready for marriage. [...]

From Physician to Felon in the Name of Greed


By David Mittleman The breach of trust we bestow upon people who work so hard to achieve it is a paradoxical dilemma difficult to wrap your head around. But it happens time and time again, with leaders in all those special places we see “successful” people rise and fall. Politicians, business people, lawyers, judges, clergy, [...]

How to Reduce the Risk of Medical Errors


By Mick S. Grewal Sr Virtually no one looks forward to a trip to the hospital, whether for a routine procedure or in response to a medical emergency. Some people hate the bright lighting and the general discomfort of the hospital setting. Others are put off by the sounds of machines beeping and the scent [...]

MSU Lawsuit Alleges Violation of Standards, Lack of Follow Up

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By Mick S. Grewal Sr In civil litigation, alleged victims outline sexual penetration disguised as treatment. While there are treatments that involve intravaginal manipulation, the American Osteopathic Academy describes those as “rare.” In those rare instances when the procedure is used, Dr. Mark Cantieri of the Indiana Osteopathic Association listed several “widely accepted standards” including: [...]

MSU to Take a Cue from PSU?

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By David Mittleman So far today, 2 former Penn State University administrators pleaded guilty to child endangerment. Ex-Athletic Director Tim Curley and former University Vice President Gary Schultz. They along with former President Graham Spanier were scheduled for a criminal trial next week, with jury selection to begin on March 20. Political maneuvering has kept [...]

MSU – No Fly Zone, But Education


By David Mittleman Michigan State's football team in 2013 was praised for its “No Fly Zone” defense, but before that, in 2004 former MSU doctor Nassar wrote a chapter of a textbook about sports medicine where he described a patient's sensitive area as the “no fly zone.” Alexandra Ilitch, an investigative journalist covering the MSU/Nassar [...]

MSU – Sports Illustrated Just Nailed It

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By David Mittleman “Could Lawrence Nassar have been prevented from assaulting dozens of athletes?” -Lauren Green, Sports Illustrated, March 3, 2017 The answer is “yes,” it's not even debatable. At the request of the Indianapolis Star, a judge released more than 5,600 pages last Friday detailing how USA Gymnastics handled sexual abuse allegations against coaches [...]

MSU – The Next “60 Minutes” Segment will be on the 20 Years You Failed to Listen to the Young Girls

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By David Mittleman Last night, nationally renowned TV news magazine show “60 Minutes” featured former MSU doctor Larry Nassar's involvement with USA Gymnastics. Nassar made a name for himself “treating” high level athletes, including Olympians. USA Gymnastics claims to have contacted the FBI in 2015 after receiving a complaint from an athlete, albeit 5 weeks [...]