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Mutilation – Religious Beliefs or Double Standard?


By David Mittleman The facts are not in dispute, but religious beliefs seem to be. A Michigan doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, has been charged with the crime of female genital mutilation. In some Middle Eastern and African countries, genital mutilation is considered a rite of passage, to make girls “clean” and “pure,” and ready for marriage. [...]

From Physician to Felon in the Name of Greed


By David Mittleman The breach of trust we bestow upon people who work so hard to achieve it is a paradoxical dilemma difficult to wrap your head around. But it happens time and time again, with leaders in all those special places we see “successful” people rise and fall. Politicians, business people, lawyers, judges, clergy, [...]

How to Reduce the Risk of Medical Errors


By Mick S. Grewal Sr Virtually no one looks forward to a trip to the hospital, whether for a routine procedure or in response to a medical emergency. Some people hate the bright lighting and the general discomfort of the hospital setting. Others are put off by the sounds of machines beeping and the scent [...]