Monthly Archives: May 2016

Juries Award Multi-Millions in Talcum Powder Suits This Year


By David Mittleman Jury Awards $55 Million in St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Trial – May 2016 A St. Louis, Missouri jury slapped Johnson and Johnson with a multi-million dollar verdict after a woman claimed their Talcum Powder products gave her ovarian cancer. This is the pharmacy giant's second multi-million dollar trial loss this year. The [...]

No Jail if Alleged Defendant Can’t Afford to Pay Fines


By David Mittleman On May 18, the Michigan Supreme Court held a public hearing on the proposed amendments of ten different Michigan Court Rules. After hearing from many speakers, the Supreme Court ultimately adopted the proposed changes this week. These changes require that an ability-to-pay hearing be conducted before a person is sentenced to incarceration [...]



By David Mittleman Last Friday closed the last chapter of volume 31 of my professional career practicing law in the area I love: trial lawyer on the side of injured people. The recent case I tried with attorney Nolan Erickson assisting me, took all last week in Grand Rapids. We worked on the file for [...]

Medical Errors on the Rise at an Alarming Rate Causing Death and Serious Injury in the U.S.


By David Mittleman Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause Of Death Only Behind Cancer and Heart Disease This morning, on National Public Radio's “Morning Edition,” John Hopkins researcher Dr. Martin Markary shared some alarming results from a recent study– that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., but that this [...]