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Halloween Safety Tips Can Keep Scares to a Minimum


By David Mittleman Halloween is this Saturday, meaning thousands of children robots, princesses, and superheroes will be roaming our communities for tricks and treats. And while this holiday is a favorite for many kids, that much foot traffic after sunset can cause some problems. Follow a few simple safety tips to help keep Halloween fun, [...]

Dietary Supplements: Risks, Side Effects and Sometimes, Lack of Proper FDA Warnings


By David Mittleman More than 23,000 visits to emergency rooms occur annually due to complications from taking dietary supplements such as herbal or complementary nutritional products, vitamins, and minerals, according to scientists from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration who coauthored the study. About 2,154 of [...]

Consumers Not the Only Victims of Volkswagen’s Deception


By David Mittleman Small Businesses Hurt by VW Emissions Scandal The Volkswagen emissions scandal has created a great deal of hype and outrage. For some background, read my post from last week. As my Injury Board colleague in Baton Rouge astutely pointed out, consumers are not the only ones affected by Volkswagen's deception and subsequent [...]