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Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Fraud Hurts Consumers


By David Mittleman Volkswagen has admitted to manipulating 11 million vehicles to lie to regulators about emissions. VW had installed software in its so-called “Clean Diesel” sedans to sense when the vehicle was being tested for emissions and provide a result that indicated compliance with environmental regulations. When tested under real-world conditions, however, VW cars [...]

The Hidden Danger of Hand Sanitizer


By David Mittleman Flu season is coming soon, and along with it the ubiquitous bottles of waterless hand sanitizers. Pockets, key chains, purses, and desks will be adorned with the multi-colored disease fighting product before you know it. And while the alcohol-based gel is useful for killing most germs (but not for removing dirt), careful [...]

Marijuana Vaping – Risky New Teen Trend?


By David Mittleman You've probably heard a lot about “vaping,” the general term for using e-cigarettes and similar devices. Manufacturers have been trying to position vaping as a safer alternative than actual cigarettes and as a tool to help current smokers quit. Still, not everyone is convinced vaping is so innocuous. New Study Investigates Link [...]

Should More States Require Vehicle Safety Inspections?


By David Mittleman The average passenger vehicle nowadays weighs in the neighborhood of 4,000 pounds. That's two tons of metal and glass routinely traveling the highway at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. As dangerous as that sounds, numerous safety features help protect motorists from catastrophe. But even the most basic features such [...]