Monthly Archives: August 2015


Paralyzed Patients Get Reason for Hope with New Study


By David Mittleman Last month the National Institutes of Health announced the astonishing results of a breakthrough study. According to the NIH, 5 men who were previously completely paralyzed were able to move their legs with the help of noninvasive spinal cord stimulation. The findings of the study surprised even the researchers. Epidural spinal cord [...]

Back to School Safety Tips


By David Mittleman As much as we hate to admit it, summer is nearly over and the school year is about to begin. With kids from kindergarten to high school trekking to and from school during peak times, chances of a dangerous accident increase. Here are a few important safety reminders for motorists as classes [...]

The Doctor Will See You Now….On Skype. “Telemedicine” On The Rise


By David Mittleman It's no secret that the internet has worked its way into medical care over the past several years. Medical records are stored and transferred electronically and are available to patients almost immediately through online portals. Websites such as WebMD emerged, and eventually created apps. Providers have noticed an increase in patients searching [...]

Michigan Seat Belt Law Passes Milestone Anniversary


By David Mittleman It may be hard to believe now, but in the early 1980s only about 20% of motor vehicle drivers and passengers in Michigan wore their seat belts. That changed 30 years ago when Michigan became the third state in the country (after New York and New Jersey) to enact a law requiring [...]