Monthly Archives: July 2015


National Pastime Faces Safety Concerns


By David Mittleman Few things say “summertime” like an afternoon at the ballpark cheering on the home team. Even if Major League Baseball tickets have gotten a little pricey, there are hundreds of minor league teams dotting the map offering an affordable diversion. Baseball games may be a lot of fun to watch, but recent [...]

From Carjacking to Carhacking


By David Mittleman Recently, a story broke about two men hacking the computer of another man's car on the highway. Not only did they hackers play with the radio and air conditioning, but they also had control of the transmission, steering wheel, and brakes. As shocking and futuristic as this sounds, the same men involved [...]

Former President George H.W. Bush Injured in Fall


By David Mittleman Former President H.W. Bush was injured after falling at his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Bush broke the C2 vertebrae in his neck. According to CNN, he remains hospitalized, in fair condition and in good spirits. He will be fitted for a neck brace and begin physical therapy over the next few [...]

Google Self Driving Car Crash


By David Mittleman Self-driving cars are becoming more and more advanced, but, as with any developing technology, they are not 100% safe. Yesterday, an event many thought to be inevitable finally happened: the highly publicized Google self-driving car was involved in a personal injury incident for the first time. According to reports, the Google SUV [...]

Summertime Grill Safety


By David Mittleman Along with beautiful weather, the joy of summer brings more barbeques than we can keep up with. Something about food fresh off the grill puts a smile on just about every ones face. Although summer barbeques are joyous occasions, there is danger lurking. Grilling causes 5,700 home fires annually causing over $37 [...]

Doctor Betrays Patient Trust, Part II


By David Mittleman Earlier this week I wrote about Farid Fata, the disgraced Detroit-area “oncologist” convicted of healthcare fraud for performing unnecessary cancer treatments on unsuspecting patients, many of whom did not have cancer. Over 500 people underwent painful and often dangerous treatment, believing Fata was doing his best to save their lives. Several people [...]

Fitness Trackers- The Future of Personal Injury Evidence


By David Mittleman In a Michigan auto accident, in order to recover for noneconomic or “pain and suffering” damages, an injured party (or their family) has to show that he or she suffered a “threshold injury” including death, permanent serious disfigurement, or a serious impairment of body function. The third type of threshold injury; the [...]

Doctor Betrays Patient Trust


By David Mittleman When you visit your doctor, you hope and expect to receive care, treatment, and advice based on what's best for you, the patient. When Detroit-area cancer “specialist” Dr. Farid Fata saw his patients, however, he had something else in mind: money. As part of a huge plan to defraud Medicare and other [...]