Monthly Archives: December 2014


New Year a Good Time to Start Healthy Habits


By David Mittleman As 2014 winds down and you reflect on the past year, hopefully you have lots of happy and meaningful memories. Even so, there are probably a number of things you'd like to improve on in 2015. This time of year, it's easy to find lists of tips to help you improve your [...]

Wrong Way Crashes in the News Again As Fatalities Mount


By David Mittleman Serious auto accidents can happen any number of ways, from rear-end collisions to blown stop signs to drunk or distracted drivers, but one of the scariest scenarios involves a wrong-way driver hurtling through traffic at high speed. The unexpectedness of the wrong-way vehicle and the high combined speeds involved make a serious, [...]

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome a Rare but Devastating Complication of Drug Reaction


By David Mittleman A young California woman is struggling to survive, just two weeks after taking a friend's prescription antibiotic for some cold-like symptoms. She developed a condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), a rare and unpredictable complication associated with some common medications. In SJS and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), a drug reaction causes skin [...]