Monthly Archives: November 2014


Giving Thanks for Families


By David Mittleman Every year, Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on the things in our life we can be grateful for. For dozens of families in Michigan and across the U.S., this week in November is an answer to everything they've been asking for, as many pending adoptions are finalized prior to the [...]

New Data Shed Light on Doctors and Drug Company Payments


By David Mittleman The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency tasked with administering government-subsidized health care access, has made public information detailing payments made by drug companies to health care providers. The information is being published in compliance with a provision in the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) and contains payments from [...]

Newest Tech to Keep Drivers Safe? Cars that Drive Themselves


By David Mittleman Vehicle safety technology continues to evolve. Features like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems, once available as options only on high-end cars, have now made their way into the standard trim levels of mainstream vehicles. The level of technology and connectivity has surged, with many vehicles now able to communicate [...]

Medical Malpractice Accountability Remains Elusive


By David Mittleman About two months ago, I wrote about California's Prop 46, which would have raised medical malpractice damage caps and required drug testing for doctors. Voters have rejected the proposal, which was opposed by a well-funded campaign led by malpractice insurance companies and the California Medical Association. Opponents claimed that the proposed law [...]