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Cerebral Palsy Awareness


By David Mittleman Tomorrow Is World Cerebral Palsy Day! Wednesday, October 1 is World Cerebral Palsy Day, a day centered on raising awareness for the condition worldwide. Cerebral Palsy is a life-altering neurological disorder that affects movement and posture. It can appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect you. The most common characteristics [...]

Motor Vehicle Safety Bill Introduced; Will It Help?


By David Mittleman The ripples from the GM ignition switch recall continue to be felt. As recalls from all manufacturers pile up in the wake of a scathing report slamming the automaker, lawmakers are trying to find ways to keep the public more informed – and car companies more accountable. In response to several shortcomings [...]

California’s Prop 46 Looks to Raise Malpractice Caps, Require Drug and Alcohol Testing for Doctors


By David Mittleman Medical malpractice claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Unfortunately, many states (including Michigan) have damages caps that prevent victims and survivors from receiving a full measure of compensation. A ballot initiative in California – Prop 46 – is looking to raise caps in that state from $250,000 to over $1 [...]

Tragic, Fatal Week on Mid-Michigan Roadways


By David Mittleman Two separate motor vehicle accidents have claimed the lives of two young Mid-Michigan women this week. In Bellevue Township, one young woman was killed and two sustained serious injuries after the car in which they were traveling struck a tree on Ionia Road. The same day, a DeWitt woman riding her bicycle [...]

Joan Rivers Set to Come Out of Medically Induced Coma Today


By David Mittleman “Fashion Police” Star Joan Rivers in Critical Condition at Mt. Sinai Hospital The snarky star of the E! show Fashion Police, Joan Rivers, is on life support and in critical condition at Mount Sinai Hospital after she apparently stopped breathing during a routine throat surgery. Doctors began to bring her out of [...]