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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mouse Mind? MIT Research Shows Promise for PTSD


By David Mittleman Experiment Shows Brain Rewiring Possible in Mice Suffering from Painful Memories Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious mental health condition affecting 7.7 million adults in the U.S. The condition is characterized by painful flashbacks, bad dreams, and a “flight-or-fight” response in affected individuals. It's most common to hear about veterans who [...]

Sam’s Club Chicken Caesar Salad Kits Recalled Over Listeria


By David Mittleman Michigan Consumers Beware: Sam's Club Supplier Recalling Pre-cooked Chicken Caesar Salad Kits After receiving two confirmations from Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development workers of contaminated pre-cooked chicken Caesar salad kits sold at Sam's Club, the big box giant's supplier is recalling the product. APPA Fine Foods, which supplies most of [...]

Tragic Twist to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


By David Mittleman Scottish Teen Dies After Participating in Ice Bucket Challenge If you've been online at all, you are likely familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has gone viral on social media sites. If you've been living under a rock, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was started a unique way to raise [...]

Back to School: Driving Safely With Children in the Car


By David Mittleman Driving Safely With Children in the Car Driving with children, particularly younger children, can be an ordeal. Crying babies or fidgety children in the backseat can be a distraction from the road and a danger to both your young passengers and you as the driver. In addition, you can't control what other [...]

Special Nail Polish Could Help Stop Rape on College Campuses


By David Mittleman Nail Polish Could Help Identify Date Rape Drug in Drink President Obama recently called for an increased awareness of the problem of rape on college campuses. With Michigan State's move-in weekend occurring as I type, I was particularly interested in a recent technological development that could help in the fight to stop [...]

Two Children Fall from Ferris Wheel at Chelsea Community Fair


By David Mittleman Two Children Fall from Chelsea Community Fair Ferris Wheel Witnesses recalled the horrible sight that occurred on Thursday evening at the Chelsea Community Fair when two children fell from a moving Ferris wheel. The children were seen falling in midair about 15-20 feet off of the ground when their “bucket” became entangled [...]

Shift from Impatient to Outpatient Urologic Surgeries Raises Mortality Rates


By David Mittleman Shift from Impatient to Outpatient Urologic Surgeries Increases Mortality Rates In recent years, doctors have shifted urologic surgeries from inpatient to outpatient. Urologic surgeries involve operations on the male or female urinary tract, female pelvic floor and the male reproductive system. Urologists handle surgeries from cancerous tumor removal, renal stones, and male [...]

Be Careful When Using New Uber Ridesharing App


By David Mittleman Rideshare Companies Claim Cars Are Insured, Drivers Need Not Worry You may have heard of the new car service company, Uber, which opened in four Michigan cities last week. Uber is an app that essentially connects people seeking rides with drivers of private or commercial vehicles and is now available in Lansing/East [...]

New Tampon Could Stop the Spread of HIV in Women


By David Mittleman The Amazing Tampon that Does More for You Than Keep You Clean on Your Period Reports are buzzing that a new tampon could be the wave of the future in preventing the spread of HIV in women. The preventative device is a tampon; the most commonly used sanitary product on the market [...]