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Fist Bumps: The Cool Way to Eliminate Bacteria?


By David Mittleman Fist Bumps: More Than Just Cool Fist bumps made national headlines when President Obama fist bumped his wife, Michelle, after winning re-election to the presidency 2012. Other famous figures like the Dalai Lama have also been spotted fist bumping rather than shaking hands. Turns out it's more than just “cool” to fist [...]

FDA Scrutinizes Powdered Caffeine After Ohio Prom King’s Death


By David Mittleman Powered Caffeine Raises Concerns Following Prom King's Death It's been in the news lately, powdered caffeine, because of reports of teen overdoses. Sold online in bulk, powdered caffeine is cheap and powerful. For example, 100,000 mg costs about $10 and contains the same amount of caffeine as 1,000 Red Bulls. Typically, powdered [...]

Simple Handwashing Policy Saves Lives at Vanderbilt University Hospital


By David Mittleman Vanderbilt University Institutes Simple Hand-washing Policy That Saves Lives Doctors at Vanderbilt University take handwashing very seriously, and their dedication to this simple practice has cut infections for patients and built an overall culture of safety at the hospital. It all started when Dr. Gerald Hickson, a doctor at Vanderbilt, witnessed his [...]

Smoking Linked to Suicide But Smoking Laws Curb the Problem


By David Mittleman Tougher Laws Decrease Suicide Risk for Smokers Complaints abound about the new smoking laws: from bans against smoking in public spaces, to increases on sales tax on cigarettes, smokers say they've felt many outside repercussions for their habit. However, it turns out that these laws may do more than simply make smokers' [...]

FedEx Faces Charges in Aiding Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs


By David Mittleman FedEx Faces Charges for Aiding Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs Popular shipping company, FedEx, faces charges that it participated in the illegal distribution of prescription drugs bought and sold without a doctor's prescription. Federal authorities filed the charges against the company in San Francisco on Thursday, alleging that the company knowingly aided [...]

Stress: It Isn’t Always a Bad Thing


By David Mittleman Stress Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing If you ask someone about stress, you're likely to hear how they have too much in their lives and what they're doing to try to eliminate it. However, stress isn't always a bad thing–in fact, some stress is vital to our well-being. Even animals in the [...]