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Sluggish FDA Keeps Better Sunscreens Off the U.S. Market


By David Mittleman New Sunscreen Ingredients Used Abroad Would Make It More Effective It's no secret that going outside with no sunscreen on, even during cloudy days, can result in serious skin damage over the long-term. In fact, a recent study found that white women who experienced just five blistering sunburns between the ages of [...]

Illegally Sold Prescription Drugs Proliferate Online


By David Mittleman Illegally Sold Prescription Drugs Proliferate Online It doesn't take much to get a hold of a prescription drug these days; in fact, a recent article in Slate magazine outlined the alarming simplicity of ordering prescription drugs online from popular merchants such as Amazon. From muscle relaxants to antibiotics, it isn't difficult to [...]

Several Food Products Recalled Over Bacterial Contamination


By David Mittleman Bacterial Contamination Linked to Ground Beef, Clover Sprouts, Walnuts, and Hummus This is a big week for bacterial contamination, with recalls of ground beef, clover sprouts, walnuts and hummus. In fact, 1.8 million pounds of ground beef were recalled in almost 40 states for E. coli, nearly 15,000 pounds of hummus dips [...]

Congratulations to Jill Mittleman, 2014 ELEF Award Winner

2014-05-19T10:57:53+00:00Community News|

ChurchWyble, P.C., is pleased to announce Jill Mittleman has received the East Lansing Educational Foundation Award for service to East Lansing Public Schools and/or the East Lansing Educational Foundation, along with three other Foundation members. Jill, a resident of East Lansing since 1985 and mother of two ELHS graduates, has held numerous positions within the [...]

Staten Island Woman Suing Area Hospital for Forced C-Section


By David Mittleman New York Woman Files Lawsuit Against Hospital for Forced C-Section A woman from Staten Island, New York is filing a lawsuit against Staten Island University Hospital and two physicians for allegedly forcing her to undergo a C-section against her will. Rinat Dray, age 35, was pregnant with her third child and had [...]