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OTC Painkillers Aren’t as Safe as You Think


By David Mittleman Doctors Warn Consumers About OTC Painkillers Over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol or Aspirin are often thought of as harmless, with some people popping one or two tablets per day to keep their pain at a minimum. However, OTC painkillers are not safe to take every day and can cause serious damage to the [...]

General Mills Quickly Changes Course on Customer “No Sue” Policy


By David Mittleman General Mills Reverses “No Sue” Policy After Uproar on Social Media General Mills devised a “no sue” policy to supposedly protect their privacy during online interactions with customers. Barely a day after announcing their decision, they quickly reversed courses after consumers took to social media websites to protest. Their original policy stated [...]

Camilla’s Brother Dies After Falling and Hitting Head in NYC


By David Mittleman Camilla's Brother Dies in Tragic Fall Resulting in Head Injury Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are reeling after learning that her brother, Mark Shand, died after falling and hitting his head at a hotel. Medical examiners will determine the exact cause of death, but the details of the incident heavily suggest [...]

Synthetic LSD Sends Three Virginia Teens to the Hospital


By David Mittleman 25i on colorful paper strips Teens Overdosing on New LSD-Like Drug You've probably heard of K2 by now, or the synthetic marijuana that also goes by the name “spice” that was allegedly a safer alternative to marijuana. However, K2 was banned in Michigan in June 2012, and many other states have done [...]

Codeine Overprescribed to Children in the ER


By David Mittleman Children Prescribed Codeine in the ER Too Frequently Despite Risks A new study is calling out emergency room doctors for prescribing children in the ER codeine. Codeine is an opiate drug and it can be metabolized too quickly in children, leading to excessive sleepiness and in worse cases, difficulty breathing. The Food [...]

On the Clock? Doctors Rush Patients During Appointments


By David Mittleman Patients Rushed In and Out of Doctor's Office Receive Poor Medical Care It isn't uncommon for doctors to schedule their patients in 15 minute intervals, and while this means more patients are seen per day, it also can mean poor quality of medical care. Take, for example, Joan Eisenstodt, who went to [...]

Medical Professionals Addicted to Prescription Drugs a Growing Problem


By David Mittleman Picture from Addicted Medical Professionals Endanger Patients' Lives A recent USA Today investigation found that more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, medical technicians or aids are dependent on prescription drugs, putting patients at serious risk. While the problem of prescription drug addiction has received increased attention over the past few years as [...]