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Smartphone Addiction in Medical Settings a Serious Problem


By David Mittleman Smartphone Addiction Serious and Dangerous Problem Many smartphone users will claim their phone as their “lifeline” or an “extension of their arm”. I even came across a study that found that receiving a text message sends a small amount of dopamine to the brain of a smartphone user, sometimes leading to what [...]

Settlement Reached With Massachusetts Pharmacy Responsible for Meningitis Outbreak


By David Mittleman Settlement Reached With Pharmacy Responsible for Meningitis Outbreak You likely remember the meningitis outbreak that occurred last year that was linked to contaminated steroid pain shots. That outbreak killed at least 64 people, and 751 people were sickened in 20 states. The Massachusetts-based pharmacy at the center of that catastrophe is now [...]

Some Makers of Natural Supplements Have Criminal Backgrounds


By David Mittleman Watch Out for “Natural Supplements” and Their Manufacturers Recent evidence uncovered by USA Today suggests that the makers of so-called “natural” supplements have criminal backgrounds and that the label “natural” doesn't equate to safe. Take, for example, Dr. Larry's Tranquility Pills which promise insomniacs a restful night's sleep. However, what “Dr. Larry” [...]

Lansing Iced Over


By David Mittleman Over 35,000 Without Power After Ice Storm Wallops Mid-Michigan Even if you're not one of the 35,000 without power, you're likely well aware of the current state of affairs in the Mid-Michigan area. After an ice storm walloped the area on Saturday night, tree branches toppled from the weight of the ice [...]

Tonsillectomies Common, But Not Necessarily Safe


By David Mittleman Catastrophic Surgery Brings Into Question Necessity of Tonsillectomies When 13-year-old Jahi McMath had her tonsils removed, her mother hardly thought that the young girl would suffer any other complications besides a sore throat. The girl seemed to be acting normal following the surgery, too, asking for a Popsicle to soothe her throat. [...]

Alternative Supplements Not as Safe as They May Seem


By David Mittleman Image from Alternative Supplements Lack Federal Oversight, Pose Dangers It isn't uncommon for individuals to take alternative supplements such as probiotics or herbal remedies. Most people assume that these alternative, commonly labeled “natural” remedies, are safer than prescription drugs. However, the alternative supplement industry is not regulated by the feds the [...]

Low Speed Collisions and Traumatic Brain Injuries: Part II


By David Mittleman Even Fender Benders Can Lead to Traumatic Brain Injury for the Drivers Motor Vehicle Accidents One of the Most Common Causes of TBI Yesterday I wrote about low-speed vehicle collisions and their ability to cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Today I will continue my discussion of TBIs, their relation to car accidents, [...]