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Have a Frightfully Fun Halloween Using These Safety Tips


By David Mittleman Be Safe While Trick-or-Treating It's that time of year again when all the ghosts, goblins and princesses will hit the pavement to collect their candy. But did you know that trick-or-treating poses some pretty basic dangers that can easily be avoided? Unfortunately, parents are sometimes unaware of the dangers their little ghouls [...]

Necessity of Spinal Fusion Surgery Called Into Question by Florida Hospital


By David Mittleman Spinal Fusion Surgeries Serve as Case Study for Necessity of Surgeries Spinal fusion surgery is a serious and end-of-the-road move for most doctors operating on patients suffering from Degenerative Disk Disease, Scoliosis or other serious problems affecting the spine. Vertebrae in the spinal column are literally “welded” together, bypassing the need for [...]

FDA Approves Policy to Make Prescription Narcotics Harder to Get


By David Mittleman The Prescription Painkiller Problem If you're familiar with my blog, you know that I've written extensively on the dangers of prescription painkillers such as OxyContin or Vicodin. From elderly women to our troops, more individuals in this country are becoming addicted to prescription painkillers, with deadly consequences. But the pharmaceutical giants have [...]

Just Say No to HB 4354 and Emergency Room Immunity


By David Mittleman Say No to HB 4354! A bipartisan judiciary committee is set to have a discussion on House Bill 4354 tomorrow. These committees are set up so that House and Senate members can hear the pros and cons of a bill prior to it going to the floor for voting and then becoming [...]

Second Bout of Fungal Meningitis More Deadly Than First


By David Mittleman New Worry Arises Over Contaminated Steroid Shots You may remember last year when a compounding pharmacy was linked to steroid pain injections contaminated with fungus. The Centers for Disease Control received reports of 740 patients that were infected with Fungal Meningitis from those contaminated shots. Now those same patients may have another [...]

Armored Cars to Combat Road Rage?


By David Mittleman Armored Cars In Response to NYC Road Rage The New York City road rage incident involving motorcyclists attacking the driver of an SUV has sparked plenty of debate about just what can be done to keep you and your family safe from road rage. Some more drastic measures taken by people is [...]

Researchers Say Oreos Are as Addictive as Cocaine


By David Mittleman Obesity Epidemic Tied to Oreos? You can't go a day without hearing about the obesity epidemic and the fact that Americans tend to struggle with their weight because of a plethora of high-calorie, high-fat food. But what if individuals aren't necessarily completely to blame for their penchant for eating junk foods? What [...]

Robotic Surgery Damages Rising With Increased Marketing of Surgical Technique


By David Mittleman Robotic Surgery: Panacea or Dangerous Technique? As someone who underwent robotic surgery for prostate cancer, I don't have complaints about the procedure. However, recent stories concerning patients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of robotic surgery have caught my attention. I recently wrote about case of a young woman who [...]