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Johnson & Johnson to Place Warning on Extra Strength Tylenol Products


By David Mittleman Dangers of Acetaminophen Overdose are Real Some people seem to think they can pop as many Tylenol pills as they want without consequence. However, acetaminophen overdose is linked with some milder, and more serious consequences including abdominal pain, appetite loss, convulsions, coma, nausea, sweating and several other symptoms. Without the proper treatment [...]

Consumer Reports Ranks Hospitals Across the Country for Surgical Safety for Medicare Patients


By David Mittleman Consumer Reports Ranks Sparrow “Poor” Many consumers rely on Consumer Reports to get ratings for cars, appliances, electronics and many other items they may purchase. But what about using Consumer Reports to choose the best healthcare? Apparently, that's the way of the future and it isn't looking too good for many Mid-Michigan [...]

Thousands of Doctors Continue to Practice Despite Histories of Egregious Medical Malpractice


By David Mittleman Texas Physician Prescribes Deadly Cocktail of Drugs Jennifer Chaney complained of neck pain to her doctor, Dr. Greggory K. Phillips, and he prescribed her several painkillers. Sadly, Chaney died of a toxic overdose in her sleep on her 17th wedding anniversary. She left behind three children, in addition to her beloved husband [...]

Popular Medication Given During Open Heart Surgery Possibly Linked to Cardiac Trauma


By David Mittleman Popular Surgery Medication Linked to Heart Attacks The medical community is astir after recent reports that a popular medication given during surgery has the potential to stop patients’ hearts.  The drug, protamine sulfate, is given to patients undergoing open heart surgery and is used to reverse the effects of Heparin, an anti-coagulating [...]

A Whistleblower’s Tale: Big Pharma and Fraud


By David Mittleman Man’s Dream Evaporates as Big Pharma Steps into the Picture T. Mark Jones had a dream, and an admirable one at that, that he and his partners turned into a reality.  Jones, a registered nurse, delivered HIV treatment starting in the late 1980s to patients near death who did not want to [...]