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US Supreme Court to Hear Drug Marketing Case on Tuesday

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In the modern world of medical record keeping, enormous amounts of data are generated by family doctors and pharmacies in the course of caring for and treating their patients. These data can be analyzed for potential prescribing patterns of individual doctors, which is valuable information in the competitive world of drug marketing. In the process, [...]

Voters Experiencing “Governors Remorse”

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Many of us have felt the sting of “buyer's remorse” - the regret that sets in once the euphoria of purchasing a new (and usually expensive) item wears off. This typically occurs when the product doesn't turn out to be everything we expected and we realize we should have made a more rational decision. In [...]

Golf: A Sport of Fun and Frustration

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As a long-time golfer with a mid-teens handicap, I know that golf can be both enjoyable and brutal. As the weather warms here in Michigan and people take to the links for the first time in months, high scores are likely to be the norm. No matter how much you practice, even the best of [...]