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BlackBerry Removes Drunk Driving Apps

2011-03-30T13:30:39+00:00Auto Accident, Blog, On the Road|

The outrage over smart phone applications (“apps”) that allow motorists to bypass drunk-driving checkpoints has reached a critical mass. Last week, in the face of pressure from Congress and state lawmakers, BlackBerry agreed to pull the DUI-avoidance apps from its application marketplace. BlackBerry is owned by Research In Motion (RIM). While RIM should be commended [...]

Michigan Auto Insurance Assessment Should Be Scrutinized

2011-03-27T17:12:15+00:00Auto Accident, Blog, On the Road|

Starting this summer, Michigan motorists will be paying more than ever before in per-vehicle statutory assessment fees to help insurance companies cover the cost of devastating motor vehicle injuries. The fee is set by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA), which spreads the risk of financial loss where injured victims require more than $500,000 in [...]

Low Speed Crash; High Injury Risk

2011-03-25T13:07:12+00:00Auto Accident, Blog, On the Road|

There seems to be a common misconception that the worst car crash injuries occur at the highest speeds. This is only partially true – what is really important is the rate at which your vehicle decelerates. Each auto accident actually involves three separate collisions: vehicle versus object, body versus vehicle, and internal organs versus body. [...]

Even As Auto Safety Technology Continues to Improve, So Do Law-Evading Apps

2017-02-13T09:26:04+00:00Auto Accident, Blog, On the Road|

Nearly two years ago, I commented on how motor vehicle safety technology was steadily enhancing driver security. Lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, tire pressure monitoring systems, and more help to keep motorists aware of potentially dangerous situations. Continued improvements in technology, plus mandatory installation of devices like Electronic Stability Control, will hopefully result [...]

FDA Immunity Law Costs the State, As Well As Victims

2011-03-21T13:50:35+00:00Blog, FDA & Prescription Drugs, Major Medical|

Yesterday I wrote about how Michigan's one-of-a-kind FDA Immunity Law deprives victims of justice when they have been injured by defective drugs. This total absence of legal recourse has a broader impact than you might expect. According to the Michigan Court of Appeals, the law prevents the State of Michigan from recovering millions of dollars [...]

Bill Introduced to Repeal Drug Industry Immunity in Michigan

2011-03-20T23:04:00+00:00Blog, FDA & Prescription Drugs, Major Medical|

For years, Michigan has granted legal immunity to drug manufacturers whose drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  If a drug is later found to have harmful, even fatal, side effects, the manufacturer cannot be held liable in this state.  As a result, countless Michigan residents have been left without legal [...]

Kidney Transplant Recipient Contracts HIV from Donated Organ

2011-03-18T14:49:32+00:00Blog, Major Medical, Medical Malpractice|

Kidney transplant policies have taken the spotlight recently, after a transplant error at USC in January and yesterday's report that a recipient was infected with HIV from a donated kidney. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hospitals should adopt policies requiring living donors to be tested for HIV no more than [...]

March Madness Cause For Excitement, But Relax Before Taking the Wheel

2011-03-17T19:25:31+00:00Auto Accident, Blog, On the Road|

One of the most exciting months in sports is now underway. March Madness begins with 68 teams and legions of fans dreaming about cutting down the nets and winning the NCAA Championship. Every year, the tournament provides dozens of memorable moments and wire-to-wire excitement. Unfortunately, the close games that have everyone on the edge of [...]

Time Has Come To Respond to Disturbing Trend of Legislation

2011-03-15T18:44:39+00:00Blog, Uncategorized|

Over the past month or so, the nation's gaze was fixed on Wisconsin and the showdown there between pro-labor, pro-consumer protesters and conservative policymakers. In the meantime, while no one was looking, Michigan's own Republican governor and legislature have been introducing numerous bills aimed at stripping individual rights and protecting corporations. Governor Rick Snyder, who [...]