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Monthly Archives: November 2010


Medical Malpractice Claims Keep Patients Safe; Legal Immunities Do Not


For years, insurance companies and health care providers have been trying to convince the public that there are too many “frivolous” medical malpractice lawsuits. Although the argument sounds compelling, a look at the facts proves otherwise. According to some reports, nearly 100,000 die in hospitals every year as a result of preventable mistakes. If health [...]

Federal securities probe rocks wall street with allegations of massive insider trading


According to recent reports, many big name financial institutions may have been engaging in rampant insider trading. The reports state the federal government is close to bringing charges against a number of well known banks, including Goldman Sachs, Citadel, Wellington, and many others, as a result of a three year investigation of the financial industry. The biggest [...]

High Speed Chase Fueled By Alcohol-Spiked Energy Drinks


Last weekend, a 23-year-old Lansing man led area police on a high-speed through the city and its suburbs. Authorities are now saying that the man admitted to consuming alcohol-laced energy drinks including Four Loko and Sparks. These drinks, now banned in Michigan, are thought by some experts to pose a serious health risk. According to [...]

Thanksgiving 2010; Much to be Thankful About


Thanksgiving is around the corner and I have much to be thankful for personally and professionally this year. For starters, I underwent successful treatment for prostate cancer. My post-surgical PSA scores of 0.00 during the course of this past year confirm the post-surgical pathology of clean margins and no sign of the dreaded complications of [...]

Weekend Accidents Take Two Lives

Auto Accident, On the Road|

A pair of car crashes this weekend have killed two young Michigan residents and left a third clinging to life. An accident Friday night claimed the life of a 17-year-old Holland Township woman after the vehicle she was driving collided head-on with another vehicle near Olive Township. The young woman had to be extricated from [...]