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Your Doctor May Not Be Giving You All the Information You Need, Study Says

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Researchers at the University of Michigan report that doctors rarely give their patients all the information they require to make informed medical decisions. Sometimes, when making a decision over a difficult diagnosis, the questions patients should be allowed to ask (and expect to receive complete information) are as simple as "what are my options?" However, the researchers at the Institute for Social Research found that patients hear far more from doctors about the pros than cons of medications, tests and surgeries.

Workers Burned by Molten Metal Awarded $12 Million by Pennsylvania Jury

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Two men who were severely burned in an explosion in 2003 were awarded more than $12 million by a jury in Pennsylvania. A two week trial brought closure to the 7-year ordeal that changed the lives of Rudolph Paci and James Sutch. Both men were seriously burned when molten metal exploded, spouted and poured onto them from an Inductothermal furnace while they were working Sept. 2, 2003, at Ametek Specialty Metal Products.