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Do All M.R.I.’s Give The Complete Picture?

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In a technologically obsessed world, there are two terms you're probably familiar with: HDTV and M.R.I. Americans seem to be obsessed with finding the biggest, best quality TV on the market. With the leaps and bounds of technology, finding the biggest and best quality TV can take hours and hours of researching. Finally, when you’re satisfied with your choice, you feel at ease spending hundreds of dollars on the TV. On the other hand, when a person is injured, they usually go to the hospital, and if in need of and M.R.I., they go with what is available. Shouldn’t Americans be as picky with their M.R.I. choice as they are with their TV choices?

Rush Hour Accident Leaves Two in Critical Condition


This past Monday, while working at the office, I heard the tell-tale scream of ambulances and fire trucks as they sped by. This is fairly common, but this time the noise remained constant instead of receding into the distance. I found out a short while later that a serious auto accident had occurred less than [...]

Midland, MI Firefighters’ Fireworks Safety Rap Video Goes Viral

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Every year around the time of the Fourth of July holiday, you hear the same old warnings about firework safety. It’s difficult to tell if kids actually heed these warnings, however, since hearing the same thing each year can start to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. But three Midland, MI firefighters have changed the sorry old fireworks warnings into a new catchy rap song that was featured on Youtube and has caught the attention of media outlets across the nation.